Our Message

We believe The Bible’s central message can be summed up in these five truths:
1. God created the world, of which humanity was the pinnacle of His creation, having been given rule over creation.
2. Humanity rebelled from under God’s rightful, loving rule.
3. God gives rebels what they ask for – being cut off from Him, but this amounts to death, judgment, and hell.
4. Jesus, God’s Son, died in the place of rebels, to pay the penalty for sins of all those who would trust in Him.
5. Jesus rose again from the dead and will come again to rule over God’s creation, bringing about God’s perfect justice and showing his great mercy to all who have repented and have given their lives to him in faith.
We urge you to confess to God that you have rebelled against His rightful rule over your life and by faith receive his forgiveness freely offered through the death and resurrection of his Son, Jesus. In doing so, God will enable you, through His Spirit, to live a life pleasing to Him full of joy and purpose and to live with Him forever in heaven.